Wednesday, January 19, 2011

visualize whirled peas

Soup is really one of the greatest things to eat in winter time. It warms you up, there are endless varieties and so many tasty toppings to add, and best of all, its designed to be eaten with a spoon out of a bowl, my personal favorite modus operandi for eating!! Recently, I've taken a hard line against canned soups, given all their extra sodium, packaging, costliness, and given how easy and fun home-made soup is to make. As I wait in anticipation for an immersion blender to blow open my soup universe, I'm temporarily content making chunky soups or ones easily puree-able by hand. The split pea soup recipe that follows was inspired by a posting on my favorite cooking blog, 101 Cookbooks, and by a lonely little bag of split peas that had been sitting in my cupboard for months now. It required virtually no effort but made for a very satisfying lunch the next day.


olive oil
chicken or veggie stock
dried split peas
salt and pepper
toppings (mine included Fage nonfat plain yogurt, olive oil drizzle, pumpkin seeds and toasted whole-wheat tortilla chips)

Sautee shallots in olive oil, until soft. Add dried split peas and enough water to generously cover. Bring to a boil and reduce heat 'till simmering and cover. Every now and then check on peas and add more water if its looking dry. Cook until peas are mushy, blend peas (a big spoon works if thats all you have) and add a bit more water until its the consistency you like (I personally like very thick soup). Warm through and serve, seasoning with salt (or not if youre like me), pepper and other assorted toppings. Eat immediately!

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