Friday, January 28, 2011

More soup! Fava beans and rosemary get cozy

We're still sick. Thankfully the malaria-like fever, chills and body ache part is over; now it's more just like the worst head cold ever. Fun times. But I'm well enough to potter around the apartment and I've had enough of Amy's soup so I made some of my own. I had mushy leftover giant fava beans that I'd overcooked and were unfit for an other recipe (post on that debacle soon to follow), so I turned them into soup. The laziest soup (if it can even be called that) I've ever made because all I did was mush them a bit more, add some chicken stock 'till it was spoon-able consistency, throw in some rosemary and black pepper, and heat it all up. Drew thought the rosemary flavor was too strong, but I kinda liked it like that. Maybe because my taste buds are currently severely impaired. Either way, it gave me mild comfort to be eating soup that was not out of a $3.89 tin can.

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